Friday, 15 June 2012

Music I'm listening to

It has been a while... It's too painful to reminisce on anything that begins with 'Any mobile phones to be handed in. It is against the rules of the awarding body to have any such device in the examination room and your paper will be cancelled if it is discovered'.

So to fun things! Music as I haven't done anything on that - out of all my amazing *coughs and turns head away* 3 posts so far...

For those of you who have never heard of King Charles, be warned! His music is unbelievably catchy and is a true melange of folk/alternative/amazables.

His latest album Loveblood was on the top of my most wanted music list and sadly I failed to buy his album within a month of it being released but rest assured I now have it! ;)

Emmy the Great is also another one of my current earbud loves. I first discovered her on the Topshop website under the We Love section along with Alex Winston who I also love.
Her voice is the sweetest, softest thing and is utterly adorable but her songs all have a deep message: from Dinosaur Sex and the destruction of the environment, to A Woman, A Woman, A Century of Sleep and her pro-feminism message. I love Virtue and it is überly amazing - who doesn't get a kick out of saying that they are listening to Paper Forest (In The Afterglow of Rapture)?? - so I would recommend this to pretty much anyone who likes new innovative music (or new as in 2011).

I also found myself re-listening to The Fame and reminiscing on a Lady Gaga who was constructed out of catchy pop beats that rotated around fame and money, and hair bows and the infamous disco stick.
Not that I don't love the new Gaga, I do just find myself pining for songs like Bad Romance or Poker Face.
The most listened from The Fame to is oddly Summerboy, I think it's to get me in the summer spirit - despite the horrendous weather. Also because I love the guitar at the beginning ;) But the queen of her pre-BTW-album-era has to be Bad Romance, such a cliché I know, but gotta love the 'ra-ra-ra-ah-ah roma roma roma-ah'. Also the music video will continue to freak me out whilst I admire the size of those eyes (I want peach coloured hair!)

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