Friday, 18 May 2012


Most people have funny things that each and every time, cracks them up. Mine is the little pulsating turd from the new EDF energy adverts.

Apparently his name is Zingy and is supposed to be a flame or something but to me, he will forever be the little orange poop that dances to Hawaii 5-0.
My friend realised how much I love Zin-Zig (I realised how bad that sounds after I wrote it) and found a flyer in the newspaper which is now tacked to THE WALL.
The wall - full of cuttings and watched over by Lord Ziggy
My wall is pretty much a general compilation of stuff that I love! There will be another post on that pretty soon.
Also, apparently EDF will be releasing an EDF energy toy because of the love for this little dude! I don't really see the need as his hardcore fan base is already churning out handmade ones by the dozen!

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